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Magical 8-Bit Plug

The magical 8-bit plugin is a super-light, user friendly chiptune synth

The magical 8-bit plugin is a super-light, user friendly chiptune synth

One of my favorite and most used free plugins is the Magical 8-Bit Plug from the killer japanese 8-bit jazz group YMCK.  This thing is by far the best sounding, most user friendly plugin for 8-bit video game sounds. Other 8-bit plugins have all sorts of bells and whistles; this thing is bare-bones and sounds amazing, all while taking up hardly any processing power. 


YMCK is the an interesting 8-bit jazz group. They're the only outfit out there with a signature plugin, and it's free.

It’s got 5 different “primitive” waveforms: square, triangle, noise, 25% pulse and 12.5% pulse. For leads, the square wave is incredible, especially with a touch of bit-crushing and compression. The following clip features the square wave used in a familiar tune:


Magical 8-Bit Plugin also works great for electro basslines too:


For softer, more string like sounds, the triangle wave can provide some lushness.  Here’s a sample of the triangle:


Less of a favorite of mine, the pulse wave also has some applications:


You can download the plugin for a host of operating systems here:

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